December 16, 2009

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December 4, 2009


Product Feature: Rothmore Bedroom Collection

Rothmore Bedroom Collection

The Rothmore is an elegantly modern ebony bedroom set with a deep, rich black finish that reveals refined terra cotta undertones and highlights cottage-inspired lines. As stylish-looking as it is comfortable, the Rothmore exudes luxurious antiquity for the modern home. The set’s casegoods include nightstand, armoire, mirror, and  drawer chest.

As with many of the furniture supplied by Eco-Furniture, the Rothmore is made from sustainably harvested wood in accordance with the International Tropical Timber Organization guidelines for sustainable management of Natural Tropical Forest.

November 20, 2009


Select Right Type of Coffee Table as Living Room Centerpieces

Baltra Coffee Table

All of us know that no two human beings are same or alike. All of us have our own distinct and separate individuality and character. The home that we live in should match our personality and the interior decoration and furniture should also reflect and represent our individuality. One of the most important items in living room furniture is the coffee table. In most houses, coffee tables are considered as the centerpieces of the living rooms, highlighting the aesthetics of the entire room.

Coffee tables are manufactured in different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. As such, the selection of the coffee tables should be decided according to the size of the room, the color of the wall painting, and the other living room furniture that are placed in the living room, along with the coffee table. The styles of coffee tables range from traditional to contemporary and even futuristic.

You have another choice between wood coffee tables and glass coffee tables. Selecting the right coffee table is not as easy as it would appear on the surface. It requires lot of thinking, searching, and planning to settle on the right type of coffee table that would be the centerpiece of your living room furniture. The coffee table should match the overall interior design theme that you wish to provide in the house. If you furnish the entire house in a Victorian style, then the coffee table design should accentuate that flavor by having darker and richer hues of traditional style. Similarly, if the accent of the interior decoration is either Italian or Asian, being the centerpiece of the living room furniture, the coffee table should match that style and décor. Hence, coffee tables that had been designed in those specific styles should be selected to create absolute harmony in the entire house.

November 12, 2009


Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Winter is an especially important time for any gardener to get a head-start and prepare for the months to come. The cold air and lack of sunlight can do serious damage to plants and garden life like impede growth or kill them.

So it’s a good idea to understand that what you’re up against isn’t the Big Bad Wolf, but merely a few months to plan for and work through, until spring comes around and you have your beautiful garden back.

Unless, of course, you live in Wisconsin and winter has lasted six years. In that case, might I suggest a nice, big, coat?

Here are a few things to put on your list for the upcoming season:

·        Raised Garden Beds – an aesthetically pleasing way to garden, raised garden beds lift your intended gardening area off the natural ground to allow for greater moisture saturation because of reduced compaction. This reducing allows the soil to stay warmer than ground soil after wintry seasons

·        Protector Tents – if you already have your garden in place covering it with a protector tent is an inexpensive to go about saving your plants. Protector tents form a complete barrier to protect against frost, harsh weather, and unwanted pests. The also help to effectively warm soil to promote early seed germination and faster plant growth.

·        Garden Cloche – if your gardening experiences is a little more subtle, and enjoy just a few well placed items here and there, a garden cloche is more what you’re looking for. These globed structures provide a secure perimeter to shelter seedlings from frost and harsh winds.

May 20, 2009


Buy a Coffee Table If You’re Messy

Are you looking out for a simple way to give your living room a different look? Are you searching for that one piece of living room furniture that can suffice the entire look and feel of the house? Do you want to modernize your living room in the shortest period of time? Then the quickest, easiest and the most effective way of doing so is by buying that perfect piece of coffee table is can transform your dull living room to a modern, lively one. Incorporating the right piece of coffee table can accentuate the entire room and give it a personality of its own.

There are several designs of coffee tables that can give your living room a touch of newness and modernity. Modern look needed necessarily eliminate traditional furniture. Having the right mix of furniture and a great design can give your living room the look that you desire and deserve. Some would say that the coffee table should be simple and sleek. Keeping the living room organized and teaming it up with a modern lift top coffee table or coffee table with a neat metallic finish can set your living room apart from the rest of the house. There are many different styles of coffee tables of eye-catching designs available in the market. If you are looking for a contemporary piece, a coffee table with a sleek finish will work wonders. If one is not into contemporary designs, a coffee table with a traditionalistic inclination and an ornate look will do the magic for your living room. When it comes to coffee tables, the choice does not stop at deciding whether the table should be a traditional one or contemporary one.

There is wide array of stunning choice that one can make when it comes to coffee tables. For example, if you are on a look out for a coffee table for practical purposes, a lift top coffee table with storage capacity and one that can serve multiple purposes such as eating table, study and laptop table would be great. If you want to go with a modern table, then one can go with a table made of a combination of metal and glass with smooth finish. Those who are into traditional designs, modern carvings and scrollwork will give your living room the look that can kill. Check our website to find the coffee table for your space that can modernize your house with minimum effort.

April 28, 2009

Table Lamps

March 17, 2009

Seven Reasons An Electric Lawn Mower is Better Than Using a Gas Mower | Composting Blog

Seven Reasons An Electric Lawn Mower is Better Than Using a Gas Mower | Composting Blog

Coffee Table Accessory Number 6 – A Vintage Cigar Box Make sure you get a wooden box with Spanish writing engraved on the side. It’s guaranteed to look super swanky on your coffee table. Also, you can hide things in it.
Contemporary Coffee Table Accessories
It was believed that one of the very first things that appeared when the universe was born was light. And since then, all forms of life needed to exist with the help of light, may it be microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans. In terms of human civilization, light became a vital aspect to its development. Take a short trip down history and find out how the beginnings and the evolution of an essential light source: the lamp.
From Cavemen to Modern Man: The Evolution of the Lamp

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